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What is pyrography?

Simply put, pyrography is the art of decorating wood freehand with a hot object like a heated metal pen. It’s also known as woodburning. The term pyrography literally means ‘writing with fire’ and can be traced back to the times of cavemen. Over the years, pyrography art has been created on wood, leather, cork and even gourds.

Woodburning a design of a woodpecker on wood

Modern pyrography tools are usually electrified pens that heat up to high temperatures. You can get different types of pens and nibs to create different effects or brushstrokes. Applying different amounts of heat can also help vary the tones, from light to very dark and bold. Monochromatic designs are best for pyrography art, but I occasionally add a bit of colour with natural paints to my designs too.

Pyrography is often created on flat pieces of wood to be enjoyed as artwork. It’s also used to decorate objects such as chopping boards, wooden spoons, and jewellery. Explore my shop or gallery for examples of my work.

As a craft, pyrography is a great way to express your creativity and produce beautiful art. Just like drawing, it is suitable for any design or subject matter in your own personal style, and can be burned freehand or using a traced pattern.

My favourite pieces to burn are designs based on yoga and anything that involves nature or animals. What I love about pyrography is that it’s a craft that can be very low-impact on the planet. I make sure that all my wood is locally-sourced from felled sick or dangerous trees and the oil I seal it with is natural and vegan.

Creating beautiful art on stunning pieces of wood is always a joy. I would love to share my passion with you, whether that be by helping you learn how to woodburn too or by creating a piece to decorate your home.

Shop pyrography art

Explore my pre-made designs or bespoke custom made pieces, all handcrafted on responsibly-sourced wood. 

Learn to burn

Try pyrography for yourself at one of my workshops where I will guide you in this beautiful craft.

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