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What you'll learn...

In this class I will teach you how to use a basic pyrography tool to turn a simple fern design into a beautiful piece of wood burned art. You will learn about the different tools and materials that are required and how to use everything safely. We’ll go through some of the different types of surfaces you can burn on, different burners and nibs, how to transfer the design onto the wood, burning techniques and what finishes to use to seal and protect your art.


Pyrography is a wonderful craft suitable for all skill levels. You can use it to create so many different items for yourself or gifts for others; from jewellery to furniture. It also doesn’t have to be about the finished piece, as the nature of burning is a great mindfulness practise - if you get a beautiful piece of art at the end then that’s a bonus! This class is suitable for beginners, no prior experience is necessary.

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