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Sustainability is at the heart of Knots and Embers' ethos.

As a lover of nature and a keen environmentalist, I try to live a low-waste lifestyle and use eco-friendly and non-toxic products in my personal life, and extending this into my business is really important to me.

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Sustainable materials

All the materials used to create your orders are selected with the utmost care and with sustainability in mind.

  • ​All wood used is locally-sourced from felled sick or dangerous trees

  • The oil used for sealing is natural and vegan

  • Any paint used is ethically-sourced and made from natural pigments

  • All macrame is made from recycled yarn

Plastic-free, compostable packaging

None of the components used to package your order are made from plastic, they are all either reused or sourced from a local company that plants a tree for every order.

  • Your artwork is wrapped in recyclable brown paper with paper tape and compostable jute twine to fasten

  • The brown paper is stamped with a reclaimed wooden stamp and natural vegan ink

  • For protection, the parcel is placed in a reused box surrounded by recycled packing paper, wood shavings or compostable/dissolvable packing peanuts

  • Even the pen used to write the address and thank you note/care card is made from meadow grass and uses vegan ink

So when you receive your parcel, you can feel good knowing you haven't got any plastic and everything can be reused or composted.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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